EarthRot Live Wallpaper Review


The Earthrot Live Wallpaper features a huge selection of planets to place on your android smartphones homescreen!

Just some to name them:
+ Two diffrent Deathstars from Star Wars
+ Endor (Ewoks planet / Star Wars) with orbiting Deathstar instead of the moon
+ Pandora (Planet from James Camerons AVATAR)
+ Several Futurama Planets
+ Cybertron (homeplanet of the TRANSFORMERS)
+ regular earth, earth at night, earth with clouds & orbiting moon
+ Planets like Saturn, Venus, Moon etc.
+ Hell
+ Gags like Soccerball, Volleyball and more
+ Star Trek Planets
+ a whole lot more…

and it’s also includes sever customizations like zooming, changing backround options and much more!

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