Retro Pixels Review


Pixels Live Wallpaper is an application that allows you create your own live wallpaper.

Pixels Live Wallpaper is NOT an emulator and the examples included are NOT games, they are just live wallpapers. Make games with this app is impossible.

Read the documentation file created after running the application. The file can be found on your SD Card (“your SD Card/PixelsLW/Help/PixelsLiveWallpaper.pdf”).

Remember visit our website for additional documentation.

The app includes:
• Development kit (use your PC as a development platform).
• Jadsds engine.
• A quick guide about how to convert GIF images in live wallpapers.

Please don’t give a bad review if doesn’t work on your smartphone, email us explaining what happened and we will try to fix it.


– HTML 5 (Use your animation on your website)
– GIF images support
– Audio
– Color cycling
– Multiple layers for parallax effects
– Image manipulation
– Plenty animation tags available
– and much more…


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