Christmas Town Live Wallpaper

Christmas Town Live Wallpaper Review


Just a Quaint Little Christmas Town.

This christmas live wallpaper features a snowy small town village around Christmas time. There is no school tommorrow so there are kids out playing in the snow and waiting for Santa. You can decorate the village and trees with christmas lights. You can have Santa fly by and even swoop down to visit the children, causing them to get excited and jump around. On Christmas day, you can see that Santa has been “present”. Look for footsteps!

Christmas Live Wallpaper Features:
– Detailed Snowflakes
– Professional Graphics throughout
– Parallax Background Effect (Layers move independently similar to Mario)
– Decorated or Non-Decorated Village
– Decorations change after santa pays a visit, You can cheat and see the surprise, or wait for it to occur on Christmas day.
– Complete Control of what foreground elements are visible and/or animated
– Complete Control over the snow
– Ability to change the position of foreground objects based on how your screen swipes.
– Supports Portrait and Landscape Modes
– Uses OpenGL to maximize graphics and battery life

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TO OPEN: From the home screen, press the settings button, then wallpapers, then live wallpapers. Find the live wallpaper you purchased in the list and select it.

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*Note: If you had Christmas Town, this is basically a more generic version. No need to buy unless you want to “undecorate” everything.


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