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Haunted House Live Wallpaper

Haunted House Review

The original Haunted House for the Atari 2600 was one of the best “less is more” games for the console. There were virtually no graphics to speak of, yet the...

Halloween Pumpkins Live Wallpaper

Halloween Pumpkins Live Wallpaper Review

Are you in the mood to have a spook-tacular time today? Okay, that WAS pretty lame, but it’s Halloween…. We can be something we usually aren’t. I’m not usually...


Halloween Murder Live Wallpaper Review

App description: Halloween Live Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper which brings to the screen the serial murderer Michael Myers from Halloween. Functions: You can...

Christmas Town Live Wallpaper

Christmas Town Live Wallpaper Review

Just a Quaint Little Christmas Town. This christmas live wallpaper features a snowy small town village around Christmas time. There is no school tommorrow so there are...