CamScanner Review


Undoubtedly we get rid of tough tasks; transforming stuff which is written on paper to online document is one of difficult task people always fed-up from it. We actually desire an effort to go paperless, well with this Review I like to present a powerful tool which assist individuals to scan their data with the help of their smart phone’s cam. No doubt several companies & app development houses are already introduced apps which completely design to scan stuff. But I like to illustrate the advance features of cam-scanner which standalone in a Google play store only because of its usefulness & smart components that actually fulfilling the ideas of users to secure their paper written stuff to online drive & cloud. However in this article I also guide you how to replacing written or visual stuff into PDF file of data. Apart from the above statements people can assume that this is actually an alternative tool which can be use rather than electronic scanners. As things go if you’re willing to go & scan your stuff you may need to capture a document with the lens of your smart phone cam & than quickly edit & store a sketch captured by cam scanner, it’s a fully professional Android app. Without question cam-Scanner available across platforms, this an exceptional Android app that has an ability to simply turns smart phone into a portable document scanner. If we talk in term of performance & usability cam scanner lead on edge with its stunning user interface. In addition the user interface of Cam-Scanner entirely spots a minimalistic look. Moreover to create files that mirror paper content Cam-Scanner suggest as a smart app which captured the content with ease, it allows individuals to scan following stuff, for instance;  documents, contacts, interesting newspaper articles, assignments, poetry, song’s lyrics,  agreements, whiteboard sketches, invoices, notes, book excerpts, business cards, tickets, coupons, bills, and so many other important papers. However before wide up let’s take a closer look on Cam-Scanner’s key features that I’m going to mention in the bottom lines.


  • Own image cropping sense
  • Enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer images
  • Cam-Scanner helps you scan
  • Scanning documents of every type within seconds
  • Store scan data
  •  Sync across devices
  •  Collaborate on various contents across platforms
  • Quickly Digitize documents
  • Use phone camera to scan
  • Digitize all kinds of papers
  • Digitalize documents: like receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.
  • Fully optimize scan quality
  • Smart cropping
  • Auto enhancing
  • Ensures the texts and graphics
  •  View Scanned documents as clear as sharp
  • Premium colors and resolutions
  • Extract Texts from Image
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Recognizes texts in document images
  • Extract words from images for later searching, editing or sharing
  • Share as PDF/JPEG Files
  • Easily share documents in various formats
  • Share with friends via numerous ways
  •  Post on social media
  •  Send attachment
  • Document download link through email
  • Air-Print
  • Fax Documents
  • Instantly print out any documents
  • Cam Scanner can connect with nearby printer via Air-Print
  •  Directly select document
  • Advanced Document Editing
  • Collaborate on Documents
  • Make groups
  • View, comment and exchange ideas on documents in groups
  • Get feedback on documents
  • Invite friends or colleagues to collaborate on documents
  • Make communities
  • Quickly Search
  • Search by keyword
  • Secure Important documents
  • Protect confidential contents
  •  Set pass code
  • View important documents
  • Sync across Platforms
  • Sign up to sync
  • Sign in to any smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Sign in online via Cam-Scanner website
  • Get up-to 10G cloud space for storing documents
  • Add extra 40 collaborators
  • Unlimited document annotations
  • Extract texts in images for later editing or sharing


  • Fast & Easy registration
  • Documents link shared with password protection
  • Fully secure
  • Reduce watermarks on PDF file
  • No default generated
  • Get instant access across devices & platforms
  • Completely free services
  • Image adjustments.
  • Multi page PDF conversion
  • Document sharing options
  • Cloud storage integration



Don’t even have a single drawback

Final verdicts;-

To be honest it’s a super fast app with easy to use interface; although cam scanner claims that company handle more than 50,000 new registrations on daily basis. Cam-scanner currently running in over 60 million devices & can be download from throughout the planet earth, furthermore cam-scanner also have premium support for over 200 countries and regions around the world. Hey guys why not having a top developer Google Play Store app which actually the alternative of electronic scanners. Other than that, if you aren’t currently enjoying it’s extensively build features give it a try, I’m sure it should be satisfy your needs.


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