PowerAMP Review


Android is a great OS. We know that. You know that. And while most Android users would rather have their extremities blowtorched while watching Steve Jobs keynotes on continuous loop than admit to iPhone envy, Apple’s strongest handset advantage has to be its music player integration.

Step forward PowerAMP. It’s the most capable and fully featured Android music app on the market – it looks great, works well, can handle a wide array of files and organise album artwork faster than you can say “iWhat?”

Many Android apps suffer from the open-source, homespun feel, but PowerAMP looks and feels as slick as iTunes from the off, with simple controls in a reassuring glowing neon. All track information – artwork, time, file format, album info – is displayed in a lovingly constructed interface that’s easy to swipe and browse through.

Music nerds will also be thrilled to see the inclusion of a 10-band graphic equaliser that can be tweaked and assigned to individual tracks. You can also choose between a number of presets such as Techno, Rock and – our personal favourite – Bass Extreme. It’ll also handle FLAC and Ogg Vorbis – the file formats of choice for digital purists – alongside the usual suspects of MP3, MP4, WAV et al.

Other neat touches include automatically adding any music files you already have stored on your handset to its library, and grabbing album artwork, just like that Other Phone That Will Not Be Named.

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