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Berlitz®, the worldwide reference for language courses!
Learn today’s English easily with Berlitz® English and its three objectives: to give you a solid base in English, to help you increase your vocabulary and to teach you ready-made sentences and phrases.

English Program + Dictionary + Progress Curve & Statistics + Unlimited Topics

• Game modes:

– “My English Program”: Practice your English every day or at your own pace by following a 15-minute daily program.
– “Training”: We deal with all the topics you are interested in (outings, culture, travel, business…)! Unlock a new topic each day by doing some exercises.

• Quick and varied exercises designed by internationally renowned language experts to:

– Learn and use today’s English vocabulary
– Understand and use really helpful phrases
– Build sentences
– Know how to ask questions and to answer them
– Be able to communicate in real conversations
– And even more!

• In addition:

– A dictionary which will help you at any time and show you the words you learnt, missed or misunderstood.
– A progress curve and statistics that evolve every day and enable you to see your progress or to repeat any exercises you want.
– Cultural, historical or geographical information is given to you in the exercises.
– The answers to each exercise.


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