Siri For Android Review


Robin is a lightweight and compact digital assistant app for Android. The app is extremely fast in booting up and becomes ready to use in no time at all. The app also comes with a peculiar interface which makes it seems low impact too.

Tap on the icon and the app will pop up with a transparent background which shows you your app drawer. This can be a little distracting for those with colorful and eye catchy icons on their drawer.

The app performs well even in light traffic. Standard features are all very well implemented, but texting is really something special. The app can recognize a lot of different accents as well.


A strikingly beautiful user interface.

The app is very fast in giving answers and general responses.

The boot-up time of this app is remarkable.

The voice of Robin is quite soothing.


The feature set compared to the first app on the list is a bit limited. Not that it’s a bad thing but I would’ve loved more options.


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