Mobo Task Killer Pro Review


* Shake Optimize, A newly-added function! Just shake your phone to kill apps and release memory.
* Auto Optimize, Optimize your phone memory intelligently and automatically.
* Memory Meter, Indicate the amount of memory that has been used.
* One Click Optimization, Free your phone memory by clicking “OPTIMIZE” button.
* Task Widget, Optimize phone memory easily just by a widget
* Task Manager. Kill selected apps or services for memory optimization.
* Ignore List. Put apps that you do not want to kill in it which can protect them from being killed.
Note: Better not enable Auto Optimize and Shake Optimize simultaneously. Auto Optimize will be shut down by default if Shake Optimize is in function.

MTK helps you save battery by killing apps that no longer run but are still in function. After using our app, you will find your phone runs faster and battery lasts longer.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)

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