App 2 SD Pro Review


Since Google introduced the ability to move applications to your SD card in 2.2, it’s enabled users to be a bit more carefree with the programs they install.

Prior to this feature, many Android users were stuck with around 256MB of total app storage – an amount that quickly filled up even with modest downloads.

While the ability to store app data on external storage has widened the horizons of many Android users, it’s still a long way from being a truly intuitive experience. Some games and apps will automatically install to your SD card, while others will choose to install to your phone’s internal storage. Because the developer has to specify the feature, some apps cannot be moved, and these are also installed to your phone’s memory.

Keeping on top of these variables is a time-consuming business, which is why Apps 2 SD is so handy. It’s a program that attempts to take the pain out of app memory management, and comes with several particularly welcome features.


Platform Android
Cost Approx 92p
Version 2.20
Developer Sam Lu


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