Android Assistant Review


Up front: most of the features this app provides will require some technical knowledge. In fact, some of the advanced features, like killing start-up apps, can get you in trouble if you do not know what you are doing.

Caveats aside this is probably my favorite application for managing my Samsung Galaxy Note II (running Jellybean 4.1.2). The pie charts in the Monitor section show at a glance the health of my system. This is especially useful for letting me know when I have too many apps running in memory. I can rectify that by going to the Process section and killing off the apps I am not using. This is a faster way than rebooting my phone and a lot more convenient than using the native application manager, which requires me to kill one app at a time using a clumsy process.

My favorite part of this app is the Tools section. There are three tools that are incredible useful to me:

(1) Startup Manager that lets me deselect apps that are launched when I turn on my phone. This permanently frees up memory, but does not prevent me from later launching that app if I need it. And I can always kill it in the Process section after I’ve finished using the app.

(2) File Manager allows me to explore the phone’s internal storage, and create or delete directories and files.

(3) App2SD is my favorite because it shows which apps can be moved from the phone’s internal storage to your external SD card and allows you to move them. Since I have a 64GB external SD card this allowed me to free up a lot of space in my phone. In fact this feature, alone, is reason enough to get this app if you are hitting your storage limit.

To be perfectly honest this app is one that I strongly recommend to all of my friends who own an Android-powered phone or tablet. It’s like a Swiss army knife for managing your device.


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