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Now you can check your LCD screens with the same standard that our technicians check our own LCD screens. Created for the retail repair industry, LCD Screen Tester is a mobile app designed to check the digitizer and LCD screen for any defects. Currently, this application is only for Android OS devices and works for mobile phones and tablets.

The application is free of charge, ad free and does not require any permissions that invade users privacy or collect user information. When the application is shutdown, no external or hidden processes will run in the background. 

We hope this application will add value to your repair business and would greatly appreciate a positive review on the play store and encourage any comments or suggestions to be posted in the comments sections on this page. We will ensure that this application gives users the best standard for checking their LCD screen displays!

Tutorial of LCD Screen Tester Application for Android

Upon loading the application, the following settings will be taken into effect per the LCD Screen Tester application settings:

  • Brightness Level 100% (Can be adjusted in application settings)
  • Sound on at 100% (Can be adjusted in application settings)
  • Power Activity Timeout – As long as the application is opened and the active application on your device, the timeout timer will not be activated. Your devices default setting will be re-enabled when upon exiting the application.

LCD Test Settings Configuration (Main Settings)


  1. Test Type – Choose if you want to test the Touch/Digitizer, LCD screen or both the LCD and Touch in one test run.
  2. First Test – If Test Type is selected “Both”, now select which test you want to run first. (Touch or LCD)
  3. Screen Position – Choose to run the test in default or portrait mode. By default and suggested is portrait position. Your phones “Screen Rotation” feature will be disabled when the application is open and be restored on exit.
  4. Brightness Level – The applications brightness level setting by default is set to 100%. On load, the device’s brightness level will be configured to this brightness level.
  5. Color Selection – Choose color pallet sequence. Choose full color range ROYGBIV, Red Green and Blue or just Black and White. Recommended is ROYGBIV full range of colors, but 90%+ of dead pixels and defects are possible to see with a reduced amount of color pallets.
  6. White Position – The white color pallet tends to find a large range of defects. First cut white/position on. Then select “First” or “Last” position to position when the white color pallet will display in relation to the “Color Selection” pallets selected.
  7. Welcome Image – The image that will scroll at the beginning of each LCD test. Can cut on or off. Color pallets are great, but a high resolution photo can often times quickly identify LCD screen defects right away. By default, high resolution pictures are loaded for each screen position mode. You can change the image for each position by selecting the “Choose” button. The application will browse your file directory.
  8. LCD Test Mode
  • Automatic – No user input is needed during the test. Welcome image and color pallets will automatically scroll till the end of the test unless you pause the test.
  • Swipe – Swipe in a downwards motion to move to the next color pallet. Upwards motion returns to the previous color pallet.
  • Tap – Tap to move to the next color pallet.
  • Shake – Shake the device to move to the next color pallet.

9. Bulk Testing Mode (On/Off) – Made for power users who need to test multiple LCD screens in one sitting. When bulk testing mode is on, the interface will give the user functions that make the transition between screen tests both safe and fast with minimal interference. (Power off options for safety and auto-start when next LCD screen is connected loops)

More Test Mode Settings:

  • Automatic Mode Speed Setting – Select the speed of color pallet changes up or down.
  • Swipe – Set the sensitivity for swiping to the next color pallet.
  • Shake – Set the sensitivity for shaking to the next color pallet
  • Touch – Set single tap or double tap for moving to the next and previous color pallet.

LCD Screen Tester Power Options:

  • Power Shutdown After Test – In any mode, the power to the LCD ONLY will power off (signaled by an audio tone). Select yes or no to activate this feature.
  • Shutdown Method – Automatic will result in the power off of the LCD screen after the test is complete. On result will require an input to the LCD screen or buttons to finish the test and then power off the LCD screen.
  • Automatically start of new test when power on – On resume of power off mode enabled, the application will automatically start a new test. When option is “No”, user will be prompted on power on to resume to a new test.

Digitizer Touch Test

Digitizer / Touch test is completed when all areas of the LCD screen have turned from white to green after a successful touch from a previous white dot to the next.


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