Scare Your Friends Review

You are the horror connoisseur of your friends and family.  They know you will point them in the right direction when it comes to a good scare.  This Halloween, scare your friends with a creepy Korean comic called Bongcheon-Dong Ghost.

This comic, about a young girl whose lonely walk home is interrupted by a disturbing woman meandering in front of her, is a good old-fashioned ghost story whose scares are real and earned, not cheap and tacky.  Read the comic for yourself, then share it with your friends.  Maybe tell them to take their time scrolling through it so they can properly experience this eerie tale, but don’t advise them to turn their sound up.  Everyone knows not to trust anything that tells us to turn the volume up!  With your friends’ interest piqued and their guard down, a heart-racing viewing experience is virtually guaranteed.  It only takes a few minutes to read.  Sit back, scroll down, and then share it with friends.  The names they will call you after they nearly crap themselves will be so worth it!


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