FatBooth Review


Ahoy there, buccaneers! Your ravishing App Pirate is back to give ye another review of apps that are making quite a buzz in the techie world. Today, we be looking at an app that just does one simple thing: it turns you fat. Now if you are wondering why for the life of you would anyone do that, the answer is fairly simple: it is funny as heck. Instead of writing down black spots, I take pictures of me enemies and make them look fat. This of course, makes them look very incompetent and beg me for a parley.

FatBooth be a photo editing app that has grown in popularity ever since its release. People of all ages as well as those that are involved in social media have a good time with this app. At the same time, it gives you a glimpse of what ye be looking like if ever you let yourself go.


The Features of the App

There be very little to say when it comes to the features of FatBooth. Since the interface as well as the function is very simple, the app is what it is. It makes your picture look fat that it would take a Jacob’s ladder to get you climbing up anywhere. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to look obese, here is your chance. As a pirate, I need to look ravishing at all times or else me mates would lose respect for me and in turn, make me lose command of the ship. On the other hand, for me small guilty pleasures, I have this app to remind me not to let me self go.

So all ye have to do is take a picture of yourself, preferably one that shows all the features of your face clearly. Then with a few small adjustments to make sure that the effects will be properly placed on your face, you will have the results in a matter of seconds.

Another awesome feature of the app is that you can post the photos you have edited online on social networking websites such as Facebook. There, ye be able to poke fun at yourself and have other mates of yours laugh in the process. After all, if ye can’t laugh at your own self, what good is living? There be no limitations when it comes to the type of faces FatBooth can manipulate. Even if you are already fat, this app can make ye look fatter.

Is it Easy to Use?

The great thing about apps like these is that they were designed for ease of use. This means that any young lad or lass can use FatBooth and not worry about having no idea what to do. The task is not arduous at all. Take a picture, edit it using the app and your results will be shown in less than a minute. That be all there is to it. You can whip out your device any time you want and take photos of all the people you know and turn them fat.

The Verdict

FatBooth costs $.99 in the App Store, which is not bad for an entertaining app. It makes any lean lad look like someone who has had too much junk and hardtacks for supper. So on a final note, having the app may not be a necessity but it could be something that you should not miss out on. Giving loads of laughs, FatBooth be entertainment at its crude finest. So have fun and enjoy making photos of you or your mates fat and make sure that you post them online for the world to see.


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