Wunderlist Review


The beauty of Wunderlist lies in its simplicity. It easily syncs across all major computing platforms, and its interface is made up mostly of Tasks and Lists.

To get started, open the sliding panel on the left side of the screen. If you’re using a tablet, the panel is there by default and doesn’t need to be expanded. The side panel shows all of the lists you’ve created, as well as any Smart Lists you enable. These Smart Lists automatically aggregate tasks based on their type. For instance, the Today Smart List shows all tasks that are due today, while the Completed Smart List shows all tasks that you’ve already checked off.

Once you’ve created and named a new list, you can start adding tasks. You can prioritize tasks with a star, create due dates, and add reminder alarms (via e-mail or Android notification) as necessary. When you open up the details of a task, you can also add notes, and even subtasks. The newly added subtasks feature is a welcome addition that is great for anyone who uses Wunderlist to manage more complex to-dos. While this still doesn’t turn Wunderlist into a powerful project management app, it certainly improves it significantly.


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