Task Switcher Review


Our Android devices has a default task switcher. Usually, it can be accessed by pressing and holding the home button until a list of recent apps appear on the screen. The Task Switcher app is also a simple task switcher on your Android device. What makes this app special from your default task switcher is that it is customizable. It can also be accessed by tapping the home button. You won’t need to tap and hold the Home button just to open the Task Switcher.

Whether you are watching a video or browsing the net, you can easily access the Task Switcher with a single tap on the Home button. On the app’s interface you will be presented with the previously opened app, running in the background. Just tap on an app to open it and bring it back to the fore.

You can also go to the app’s settings menu and customize its interface. You can set the background transparency, task columns, show your favorites on the task switcher menu, and many more. You can also enable the option to add widgets to the app’s interface. You can add your clock or your news widget and access them instantly when you open Task Switcher. Take note that once this option is enabled, ads will appear on the app’s interface.

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