Winamp Review


Winamp for Android is an excellent music management app for users looking to do a bit more with their music. Two features that especially stand out are the built-in Shoutcast radio and the simple-yet-full-featured interface.

Winamp doesn’t have the most advanced-looking user interface: The main screen consists of eight rectangular buttons arranged in a grid. Still, without being overcomplicated, this app lets you perform just about any type of music management action you might want to.

From the main screen, you can view your tracks by artist, album, individual song, or genre. You can also view playlists, go to Shoutcast radio, search your music, and download free music from Spinner or from Full CD Listening Party.

At the bottom of the main screen (and at the bottom of every screen) is the name of the currently playing track, along with media buttons (forward, back, play/pause), a playlist button that brings up the playlist you’re currently listening to, and a Winamp button (shaped like a lightning bolt) that takes you back to the main screen.

If you want to see more information on the currently playing track, you can tap the dots beside the name of the track to open a more detailed window that displays the album art (if there is any). You can put the track on repeat (or put the playlist on shuffle or repeat) and even search for the artist via various services, including YouTube and Amazon MP3.

Winamp lets you sync your music library over Wi-Fi, enable playback controls for the app on your lock screen, control the headset with the app, and even “scrobble” straight to (though you must have the app installed to do this). It’s also nice to have the media controls constantly visible, even on the lock screen.

Winamp isn’t for everyone, and it does lack some advanced features, such as an equalizer. Still, it’s a good music management app if you’re not tied to another (such as Spotify) for the service.

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