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Wouldn’t it be cool to take pictures in 3D with your android smartphone? Today, we made a list of the 5 best 3D camera apps for Android.

The smartphones did not come into the world only to improve communications, facilitate your work and become productive tools that inject into your lives. They also came to make you waste time on social networks, games and take pictures of that moment you want to frame. In the last case, you can go a step further and take pictures with special effects. For this, you need to install a good 3D camera app on your Android.

In Google Play Store, there are countless android camera apps that give you the option to add multiple effects and make certain types of pictures and work better than your device has by default. But what is the best 3D camera app for Android that can be downloaded free? Here we come again to help our beloved readers in this situation if you really need one to capture those loved moments in your life. We have selected the top 5 3D camera app for your Android.

Let’s discover the5 best Android 3D camera app to take stunning pictures on your android devices.

8.0Phogy is one of the best Android camera apps that allow you to recreate a 3D image. It allows you to recreate the 3D effect just by moving the camera a little while you are taking your photo. It is fully integrated with social networks so that you can share your creations. It also allows you to edit and apply filters to images you already captured. The only negative aspect is that if you want to send any image to a partner so that he can see it, he must have installed the application to open it, otherwise the image will open in the form of video and lose the 3D effect that applied.

3D Camera


7.53D Camera is a very fun application for Android that allows you to take pictures and give them a three-dimensional effect. You can save them as animated GIF. It is extremely simple to use and has a small instruction before taking the first picture. 3D effects are generated very well, and there is even an option to generate images that can see in three dimensions with special lenses. Of course, it also includes integration with social networks so you can share your creations.

Make it 3D

7.3Make it 3D is a very simple and practical. The program allows you to take pictures in 3D by simply using the camera of your smartphone. You can get good results with a little patience and a few attempts, but even more interesting aspect of this application is that it can also make stereoscopic images in your gallery. A good application to consider whether to take pictures in 3D with good results and also make 3D photos you already have taken.

Camera 3D

7.0Camera 3D is a unique Android application that allows you to create 3D photos, very different from the apps listed above. You just take multiple snapshots of an object in different positions, then the software will produce a 3D navigable photograph automatically. Using your finger on the screen you can rotate the object as in a true 3D environment. You can also export the results in 3D GIF format to display them on any other device without the dedicated application.

3D Photo Maker

Camera 3D – 3D Photo Maker is another Android application that allows you to make high-quality 3D pictures. You can also make 3D selfies using the front camera of your device. You can also modify the pictures already taken (adjust position, erase unwanted objects or blurred parts, add 3D texts). This application also provides some useful tips to make good 3D photos.

If you know any other camera of this type, do not hesitate to share with us in the comments. Thank you for reading.


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