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On the Android market alone, you could probably dig up hundreds upon hundreds of camera applications. And each and every one of those applications does the exact same thing. Take pictures one at a time! How boring is that? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video worth a million. Therefore, that is exactly why this whole review is dedicated to PhotoSequence Pro, “Better than a photo, more fun than a video.”


The app starts out with a nifty twist to any normal camera. With only 3 buttons and the viewfinder, PhotoSequence Pro is the perfect combination of power and ease. To take one still image, simply tap the big button. To take a “photo sequence”, hold the button down to capture. After the images have been captured and loaded into the gallery, just swipe your finger to determine the speed and direction of the video. Yes, you can watch your video backward at high speeds.

On top of that, PhotoSequence allows for adding FX’s to your sequences right in the app. In addition, while your playing around with different FX, feel free to create a collage with one-click. And when your done, bitRibelle Ltd is already working on adding the ability to share entire photosequences with your friends on the web. To join the “early beta” for this feature, feel free to sign-up by sending an email to [email protected].

To get an idea of the crazy things you can do with PhotoSequence pro, the developers put together a nice video of some sweet demos.

Details and Upgrades

With the new update (2.0.1), PhotoSequence Pro is now compatible with Android versions 2.0 to 4.0. With its 24 reviews, PhotoSequence Pro has managed to rack up an impressive 4.1 star rating. In addition, users are now allowed to capture up to 150 frames in each sequence. Not to mention live previews of all of the FX.

Where to Buy

As always, you can pick up PhotoSequence Pro or PhotoSequence Lite in the Android Market. BitRibelle Ltd has agreed to put the app on sale at $1.49, down from $1.99, just for us and our viewers of course (Just kidding, the sale is for all Android owners). The sale will last for the whole (long) weekend. That is from now, Friday, until Sunday (December 11th). However, if you just want to take the app for a test run before you take on the Pro version, feel free to get PhotoSequence Lite for free.
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