Norton Mobile Utilities Review

  • PROS

    Free. Impressive real-time graphing. Makes tracking mobile data usage automatic, quitting (batches) of apps effortless.

  • CONS

    Doesn’t distinguish between apps and services. Much of the functionality can already be found in your Android Settings.


    While you shouldn’t expect Norton Mobile Utilities Beta (for Android) to deliver the same portfolio of tools available for the desktop, the app equips Android users with a free and useful toolkit for fine-tuning their devices.

Since its introduction for DOS nearly thirty years ago, Norton Utilities has carved out a space for itself as definitive utility software for the PC. With Norton Mobile Utilities Beta (Free), Android device owners now have the power to analyze, organize, and optimize the software on their smartphones. Whether you’re uninstalling apps, stopping them in their tracks, tracking mobile data usage, or unpacking detailed information about your mobile phone and OS, Mobile Utilities is your Swiss Army Knife. Granted, it is an economy model. Its four applications—Device, Usage, Installer, and Apps—are a far cry from the 14 featured in the original Utilities Suite written for DOS and Windows 3.1, and its capabilities are largely available already. However, Norton Mobile Utilities is a free app (the software for DOS cost $80). Unifying a host of otherwise disparate tools in one app backed by the Norton name, Mobile Utilities deserves a spot on your smartphone.


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