Tube Racer 3d Reviews


Dive into the atmosphere of speed and power and be ready for an extreme tunnel rush! Feel as a part of a strange fantastic dream and accelerate your speed for maximum limits! Do your best to make more records with Speed Tube Racing 3D!

Enjoy amazing views of miscellaneous tubes and become the faster tunnel racer! Test your reflexes taking part in the ultimate speed challenge and be ready for really extreme turbo racing adventure!

Earn coins to buy power-ups and use then wisely. Shield can save you at a critical moment, and invulnerability power-up can help you to achieve maximal speed without any problem! Rockets can destroy the obstacles and attractor would help you to quarry other power-ups at tunnel! Check all of the boosters and use it wisely to ensure your victory! Use turbo mode to accelerate, avoid obstacles and collect power-ups to overcome the longer distance and made a new record!

Act carefully and use all of your racing skills to become the best tube racer with Speed Tube Racing 3D – great tunnel racing game for everyone! It’s high time to gain great tunnel experience!

Speed Tube Racing 3D features
Fantastical high speed tunnel racing challenge
Be ready for the fastest tunnel race ever!
Variable treks – each time you’d see a new tube
Different useful power-ups & boosters
Great 3D graphics
Brightful and colorful adventure

Drive free through the fantastic and picturesque environment participating in space speed challenge in 3D! Race through the bright space tunnels made of ever-changing block and tubes with Speed Tube Racing 3D!
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