Angry Birds Seasons Review


Unless you’re an alien who just crash landed on the planet, you’re probably familiar with Angry Birds, a game that has nested atop the App Store sales charts for many months now. And if you love Angry Birds as much as you love dressing in costumes and eating candy, then you’re in luck, because developer Rovio has released a Halloween edition of the game.

The gameplay hasn’t changed a bit: You slingshot birds into structures occupied by egg-stealing pigs. The goal is to exploit the physics of demolition to eliminate all the pigs before you run out of birds. To make this a little easier, you’re given various types of birds with different abilities. One type drops eggs like bombs, one barrels forward with increased speed when you tap the screen, and another ups the destruction quotient by exploding.

Angry Birds Halloween is nothing more than a content pack with a spooky skin, so no new gameplay mechanics have been introduced. That said, if you enjoyed the original game, then you’ll get the same kick out of the 45 new levels that appear here. Be warned, though, that the levels become tough very quickly. Angry Birds Halloween is clearly designed for people who have mastered the original game.

One baffling thing about Angry Birds Halloween is that only one level is unlocked at a time. Because the game is so difficult, you’ll find occasions when you’ll wish you could skip a level and come back to it later. But because this isn’t possible, we bet some people will give up fairly early on.

While we certainly like the change of scenery that the pumpkins and creepy silhouetted trees bring to Angry Birds, we wonder why this wasn’t released as an in-app purchase for the original game. We’d gladly pay a buck for the content, but since it doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than new graphics and levels, we’d rather not have two Angry Birds icons taking space on our devices.

If you liked Angry Birds and want more of the same, be sure to pick up the Halloween edition. If you’ve never played Angry Birds, you should start with the original game, because it eases you in to the difficult content much more slowly. Regardless, Angry Birds Halloween is a treat.


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