Coin Ville Review


From DroidHen Casual:CoinVille is a fun variant of the most favored arcade pusher game. It combines a slot machine, coin dozer and a moving cart to add more surprises and triple your fun. Enjoy the game now to push coins, collect prizes, and win the jackpot! Gold treasure:Push down step coins to start the cart. A right step coin will lead you to the gold treasure!A step coin is a coin indicating how many steps the cart will move. Be careful to push down only the one you need! Slot machine:Push coins into the lucky basket to trigger the slot machine. A Silver Crown and a Gold crown in a row? Thats the Jackpot! So watch the basket when you push! How to get more coins:Regeneration begins automaticaly when you have less than 50 coins. Pushing down Magic Coins will make your fortune grow faster. There are 7 types of Magic Coins available to help you start a coin rain, set up a coin wall, or simply get more coins and prizes. What to do with prizes:One prize doesnt make any difference, but if you finish a collection of prizes, the reward is big! Therere plenty of collections waiting for you to gain. How about a trip to CoinVille now?Recent changes:Fixed force close for some devicesContent rating: Everyone.

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