Monster Mouth DDS Reviews


You think you hate going to the dentist? Try being one! Most of your patients would really rather not be seeing you, and they’ll likely eat you whole while you try to throw bombs in their mouths, or swat the bats that come out. At least that’s what Monster Mouth would have you believe. It’s got the fun gameplay to back up the premise, but is an experience that ends far too quickly.

As the name implies, you’ll be examining different monsters in Monster Mouth. Acting as a surreal dental technician, you’ll use six different tools to help fix your patients’ dental issues. From scrubbing all the plaque off to x-raying for cracked teeth and, as mentioned, swatting bats, there’s a lot to keep track of. It all happens in real-time, so you have to work fast. If you don’t finish by the time the timer reaches zero, or if you cause pain to your patient three times (monsters are sensitive, you know!), you’ll have to try again.



Monster Mouth is a game with great personality. The design on the monsters is truly funny and endearing. You can’t help but feel bad for these baddies and what they have to endure at your hand. There’s an awesome rock soundtrack during the gameplay, with funny elevator/office type music while you navigate the waiting room. Presentation-wise, Monster Mouth has it down pat.

The gameplay is a treat too. We don’t see too many multi-tasking touch screen action games that don’t turn gimmicky. Monster Mouth manages to make the gestural gameplay fun, fast and never to the point of cliché. Each of the ten monsters has increasingly severe problems, like the plaque growing back faster or more bats flying around.

But, like this review, it’s all too short. The ten monsters can be cleaned up in less time than a regular dentist appointment – or even sitting in the waiting room – and without any other modes or incentives and unlockables, Monster Mouth is sadly not that meaty.

There are also some audio issues with the rock soundtrack. It’s nice and rockin’ to be sure, but it’s also mixed a bit too loud. There’s some distortion issues, and it sometimes a bit grating from this loudness. Not everyone will care, of course, but those with sensitive ears should turn the volume lower before booting up this app.

Monster Mouth has all the components of a top-notch title, but lacks the quantity to match the quality. If an update comes that adds more monsters, more modes and more silliness, then Monster Mouth has the potential to be really something. Right now, it’s a fun but incredibly short diversion.


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